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June’s Visa Bulletin

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The federal government publishes a list of dates each month to inform immigrant applicants when to expect notification from officials to collect and submit required documentation.

An Overview of June Dates for Employment-Based Adjustment of Status

The June Visa Bulletin is of utmost importance for immigrant visa applicants. It provides crucial dates for when to expect notification of documentation submission for the consular stamping process. Moreover, it serves as a key determinant of eligibility to adjust status to lawful permanent residence within the US.

USCIS plays a significant role in the application process. They have announced that they will adhere to the Department of State’s ‘Final Action Dates’ chart published in June’s Visa Bulletin. This chart is instrumental in determining eligibility for employment-based Adjustment of Status application submission. It can be used by comparing the dates in it with an employee’s Immigration Priority Date, which is shown on the I-797 Notice of Action or EB-1, EB-2, or EB-3 (I-140) Immigrant Petition.

Please check here for the most updated information.

An Action Plan for June

USCIS is using the “Final Action Dates” chart to accept new applications, which means an application may be filed earlier than the listed cutoff date. 

For pending Adjustment of Status cases, USCIS will not process them until the Final Action Date has surpassed the individual’s immigration priority date. Although this might cause processing delays, USCIS confirms that all filed applications will remain in the queue. 

If there are any employees with priority dates in June, be sure to meet with your immigration attorney and prepare for application submission soon.