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Upgrade Your HR Software to Get Rid of the Silos | VertiSource HR

Upgrade Your HRIS and Get Rid of the Silos

VertiSource HR’s Human Resource Information System (HRIS Cloud) is an industry-leading HR management package offering all the most critical functions in a cloud-based environment. We believe that it is a model for the type of HRIS software nearly every business in America could benefit from. If you need a reason to consider taking a look […]

PEOs Can Offer Worker's Compensation Risk Management and More | VertiSource HR

PEOs Can Offer Worker’s Compensation Risk Management and More

PEO companies offer different levels of service based on their business models. Some PEO services offer more while others offer less. We mention this to set up the following question: does your PEO offer worker’s compensation risk management? We do. Worker’s compensation risk management represents a tried-and-true approach to reducing the risks that can lead […]