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Workers Compensation (No Deposit, Pay As You Go) *

Workers’ Compensation costs can easily get away from you and begin increasing if not dealt with properly. VSHR, specializes in working with every aspect of Workers’ Compensation issues designed to rein in costs.

Workers’ Compensation Administration:

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Return to work Program:

*Subject to certain terms and restrictions

VertiSource HR®, through its independent insurance agency, IIG, LLC., provides customized safety plans, manuals, training and more for every organization. A comprehensive safety program has numerous benefits to an organization that include lower Workers’ Compensation expenses, a reduction of the frequency and severity of claims and a more productive workforce. Most organizations simply don’t have the internal resources or expertise to effectively deal with safety issues. IIG’s customized safety programs are the perfect solution to your organization’s safety compliance needs.

Risk Management

VSHR and IIG, helps you decrease liability and increase productivity and profits with the following customizable services: