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3 Pain Points You Might Have with Your HRIS

3 Pain Points You Might Have with Your HRIS | VertiSource HR

The computer age was supposed to make life easier by streamlining data management. No doubt we have seen vast improvements since the personal computer was introduced some 40 years ago. But there is still plenty of room for improvement. Take human resources software or HRIS. Too many platforms are still more difficult to use than they need to be.

Here at VertiSource HR, we offer an industry-leading human resource information system (HRIS) that can streamline any company’s HR operations. Our HRIS is supported by services like benefits administration, outsourced accounting, and PEO services.

Should you be taking a look at our HRIS? That depends. Does your company’s current HR software exhibit the following three pain points? If so, a switch may be in order.

Pain Point #1: A Lack of Integration

Separate apps were the way to go in the 1990s and early 2000s. Accounting was run by spreadsheets while a database kept track of employee information. A separate time and attendance app manually fed data gathered by a time clock mounted to the wall. But this is the 21st century. It is time to upgrade.

An efficient HRIS integrates all a company’s HR functions in a cloud environment. Through one platform, HR has access to payroll, employee information management, time and attendance, benefits administration, and so forth. Is your current solution fully integrated, or are you still using separate apps?

Pain Point #2: A Steep Learning Curve

Next up is a steep learning curve. We contend that the effectiveness of any piece of business software relies heavily on how easy it is to use. If it is too difficult to learn, a platform’s real-world functionality will also be limited. Employees will find workarounds when software is too complicated for them.

Every HRIS comes with a learning curve. There is no getting around that. But a fully integrated platform designed with users in mind should be easier to learn. You might want to consider making the switch if HR department personnel continue to struggle with your current software. Learning should not be a daily experience for them. Neither should having to settle for workarounds.

Pain Point #3: Inadequate Customer Support

When you invested in your current software solution, did the provider promise you industry-leading customer support? And if so, has that support wavered over the years? It happens far more frequently than it should.

Software is not an independent entity that, once installed, can take care of itself. Companies need ongoing customer support for that very reason. Any lack of such support is sufficient enough reason to look for a new HRIS solution. There is no point in continuing to stick with a vendor that doesn’t support its products.

Don’t Keep Making Do

As a company that specializes in HR, payroll, and accounting outsourcing, we have seen all sorts of outdated HR software platforms that are woefully inadequate for the modern world. We’ve also seen countless companies making do with software that really isn’t up to the task. Do not be one of those companies.

Making do with older or poorly designed software limits the HR department’s efficiency. It limits productivity, frustrates workers, and just makes everything in HR more difficult than it needs to be. Your company already strives for maximum efficiency and productivity in whatever you specialize in. Shouldn’t the HR department get the same consideration?

If your current HR software exhibits any of the three pain points discussed in this post, it is probably time to move on. It’s time to start looking for a modern HRIS that offers full integration, a gentle learning curve, and rock-solid customer support behind it.

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