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Upgrade Your HRIS and Get Rid of the Silos

VertiSource HR’s Human Resource Information System (HRIS Cloud) is an industry-leading HR management package offering all the most critical functions in a cloud-based environment. We believe that it is a model for the type of HRIS software nearly every business in America could benefit from. If you need a reason to consider taking a look […]

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5 of the Top Benefits of Using an HR Consultant

Human Resource consultants must be proficient in IT, sales, accounting, finance, marketing, and of course, human resource management to fully comprehend issues and inefficiencies in human resources and how to remedy them. Many Human resource consultants offer robust software that makes common HR functions streamlined for ease, speed, and reliability. Many HR consultants are educated […]

VertiSource HR® Blog - Employee Paycards: Are They Worth Implementing?

Employee Paycards: Are They Worth Implementing?

Traditionally, businesses provide employees with the option of receiving their wages through a paycheck or direct deposit. Now, more and more businesses are switching to paycards, which can save employers money in the long run and help their ability to recruit talent. In the current state of our economy, does giving employees the option to […]

Tips for Managing Remote Talent - VertiSource HR

How to Manage and Optimize Remote Talent

There are many reasons remote work has become so popular. A remote workforce can increase productivity, with quieter environments and fewer distractions. They improve health and well-being for workers and decrease travel-related environmental impact. With lower turnover rates, your business is also able to widen its talent search as they aren’t limited to a small […]