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Avoid Getting Sued By The EEOC and File Your EEO-1 Reports

Federal workplace law officials sued 15 employers in 10 states because they failed to file their EEO-1 reports. These lawsuits were filed in states like New York and North Carolina, and the employers included companies from retail, construction, restaurant, manufacturing, logistics, and service industries. In the suit, the EEOC alleges the employers did not submit […]

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June’s Visa Bulletin

The federal government publishes a list of dates each month to inform immigrant applicants when to expect notification from officials to collect and submit required documentation. An Overview of June Dates for Employment-Based Adjustment of Status The June Visa Bulletin is of utmost importance for immigrant visa applicants. It provides crucial dates for when to […]

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The Secure Act 2.0

The Secure Act 2.0 contains several amendments that help improve the retirement system and the financial preparedness of Americans for retirement. The law continues earlier legislation that increased the age at which retirees are required to take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and allowed workplace savings plans to offer annuities. This culminated years of discussion aimed […]

New Title IX Regulations: The Biggest Changes You’ll Need to Make in Your Institution

Recently, new Title IX regulations were released that make significant changes to how institutions respond to sexual harassment and discrimination.  These new regulations also mean that the 2020 changes that required live hearings and cross-examination are void. With the August 1, 2024 compliance date approaching, it is imperative that all institutions review and update their […]

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What to Know About Finalized Pregnancy Rule That Requires Employers to Accommodate Abortion

Finalized rules released by the EEOC will require employers to accommodate those who need time away from work or other modifications in their workplace for an abortion procedure or recovery. While the ruling will be controversial, here are some of the most important things employers should know about the final regulations for the Pregnant Worker […]