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A fundamental truism of business is that “when performance is measured, that performance automatically improves.” Because you have so many employees doing so many different jobs, it can be especially difficult for organizations to know how and what to measure and monitor. VertiSource HR, excels in designing employee goals and performance standards and then monitoring them. Managers, executives and owners enjoy regular reports on the performance of individuals, teams and the full organization. These metrics can be easily compared to past performance and can be used to accurately forecast labor needs in the future. Don’t forget the improved profitability and budget savings realized by improving the productivity of everyone in your organization.

VSHR knows the bottom-line value for any business is to be “metric driven.” Successful companies have formulated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which give them a snapshot of their business performance each month. VSHR will assist with the development of KPIs to help you control:

VSHR proudly provides the following customized performance metrics to our clients: