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Benefits Administration

VertiSource HR® presents an unmatched suite of Benefits Administration Services, tailored to seamlessly integrate with your business dynamics. Our offerings encompass a comprehensive range of administrative solutions designed to simplify, modernize, and bolster your HR and Benefit functions.

VSHR Benefits Administration Service includes:

General Benefit Administration

Maximize your benefits strategy with a blend of expert administration and thorough market research. Our services extend beyond routine benefit administration. We proactively delve into the market to gather competitive quotes, providing an informed perspective on the best benefit packages available. Handling everything from quoting to benefits enrollment, disbursements, compliance, and more. Your employees will receive the best offerings without the administrative burdens. 

125a Plan Administration

Optimizing tax savings while providing superior benefits is the essence of the Section 125a plan. Our seasoned experts manage pre-tax benefit contributions and benefits reconciliation with precision, ensuring compliance, accuracy, and maximum advantage for both employers and employees. 

COBRA Administration

The complexities of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) can be daunting. With VertiSource HR®, you gain peace of mind as we manage COBRA enrollments, notifications, and compliance, guaranteeing your operations remain within legal parameters and your former employees receive the benefits they are entitled to. 

Benefit Enrollment Changes for Qualifying Events

Life is filled with unexpected events. Whether it’s marriage, childbirth, or other significant life changes, VertiSource HR® is primed to swiftly administer benefit enrollment changes. We ensure that transitions are smooth, paperwork is minimal, and benefits modifications are accurately reflected, keeping employees and dependents welfare at the forefront. 

Claims Administration

Claims processing can be complex. VertiSource HR® simplifies this with a systematic approach, ensuring timely and accurate handling.